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Here are the contributors to the Brew. All of the Comrades here have bled for the Brew. Not too much, though... (That would be icky)

Paul Coe author of Tales From The Lip

By the time Paul had turned 13, he was considered the king of the underground Country music scene. When he learned of the true horrors of Country music, he broke his Country guitar and ran away. Now he makes noisy music.

Geoff Kottmeier author of Geoko Land

Geoff was raised Amish. On the farm, he learned to do many things. He could use two plows at once and throw a barn. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on who you ask, he renounced his Amish heritage at age 18.

Mario Panighetti author of Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound

After many years of practice, Mario has mastered the Sexy Shrug technique. As of this writing, no move has been able to counter it in terms of sexiness and shruginess.

Michael Bayne author of something "dangerous"

Michael Bayne, with his gift of the silver tongue, has managed to become one of the more dangerous people in the world. His weapon? A telephone. When you've heard his voice, it's already too late.

Elijah Fleming Team Bouge Films

Elijah, Lord of the Quake, currently resides one half mile under Earth's crust. He sits alone for ages, thinking of jokes. He then sends jokes telepathically to the surface dwellers. Depending on the severity of the joke, an earthquake may occur. He is also one of the few lucky non-peasant humans to be burninated.

Theissen Hall Team Bouge Films

Theissen always wanted to fight terrorists and bipedal robots. After High School he joined a sneaking college and in 4 years got a degree in sneaking. He then went on to form an anti terrorist group called 'The Bouge' but later changed the name to 'Foxhound' due to the fact that "the name 'The Bouge' is lame," according to Colonel Campbell.

Conor Keane photos found here

Conor, an Irish ninja, originally came to America when he was 16. He intended to leave his life of assassination, but the English mafia followed. They stalked him for weeks, until Conor trapped and executed them.

Jeff Kirchoff Go here for enjoy!

Unlike Marine VHF which is limited to about 50 nautical miles range, communications on "Jeff-frequency" have a typical range of around 150 nautical miles during the day and 500 (or more) nautical miles at night.

Kyle Loewen

Ever since he was a boy, Kyle has wanted to be in the ranks of Bruce Cambell and Jay Leno with their great chins. And now with his ever growing fame, he has been able to afford the risky and dangerous chin elongation surgery as Bruce and Jay have done in the same hospital in Russia.

Nicole Lyssand

Nicole was raised by wolves. A hunter shot her mother leaving her all alone. Seven years later, after a long journey, she found her new home, Hollywood. Her favorite movies are White Fang, Never Cry Wolf, & Dances with Wolves. Her not-so-hidden talents are howling & marking her territory.

Matt Schieve author of TAOMMAL

He argued and finally won over the Cabinet to an independent policy. In Monroe's message to Congress on December 2, 1823, he delivered what we have always called the Monroe Doctrine, although in truth it should have been called the Schieve Doctrine.

Drew White author of Illustrated Insanity

Drew can escape from any man-made prison. With a diet consisting only of unsalted butter, his skin has developed a near-frictionless film.

Group Photos photos of groups of people

All Hallow's Eve Eve Crew
Paul, Mario, Conor, Kyle and Geoff, in their normal attire, prepare for an epic Brew.

Witch's Brew created by Paul Coe, Geoff Kottmeier and Mario Panighetti. Witch's Brew, with the exception of all original characters and dialogue, is not copywritten.