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73rd - Light Amplification by Ztimulated Emission of Radiation: Steven, Jeff, and Mario (1/19/2008 - 1/19/2013)

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panel 1: missing

Mario: Over the several year span it sometimes takes to complete a brew, the occasional panel goes missing. Rather than keep the comic in perpetual Brewgatory, we've opted to use a filler panel in its place, in case the missing panels ever become rediscovered.

panel 2: missing

panel 3: Steven


panel 4: missing

panel 5: missing

panel 6: Steven


panel 7: Steven


panel 8: Jeff


panel 9: Mario

Mario: Clearly LOST was on my mind when making this panel. And every other time, into infinity.

panel 10: Steven


panel 11: Jeff


panel 12: Mario

Mario: This panel is obviously fiction. Scientology could never hope to compete with Denny's on prices. Though they are both arguably out of their minds.

panel 13: Steven


panel 14: Jeff


panel 15: Mario

Mario: Rip's dedication to quirky offbeat Super Nintendo RPGs knows no bounds. To Earth.

panel 16: Steven


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