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Executive Derision: Jake, Jeff, Mario and Matt (4/14/2009 - 2/21/2012)

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panel 1: Jake


panel 2: Jeff


panel 3: Mario

Mario: Punchy needs to be more clear about the nature of his Hawaiian Punches. Poor President Felipe Calderón...

panel 4: Matt

Matt: Join the Witch's Brew Fun Club today!

panel 5: Jake


panel 6: Jeff


panel 7: Mario

Mario: When in doubt on what joke to deliver, just have the action continue into space (see also: this thing).

panel 8: Matt

Matt: Soda Popinski and Ganon from Zelda 2 shared the same laugh. As well as the same crippling soda addiction.

Mario: Due to a tax loophole, Witch's Brew commentary counts as official Nintendo canon. Well done!

Matt: I knew that something was up when "I'm guessing Over There is a lot more sane." made it into Brawl.

panel 9: Jake


panel 10: Jeff


panel 11: Mario

Mario: Look at those cavemen go.

panel 12: Matt

Matt: Fun fact: The Battle of the Bulge was not a major German offensive as Wikipedia would have you believe, but a rescue mission by American troops to save Jennifer Connelly's virginity from David Bowie's mega-crotch.

panel 13: Jake


panel 14: Jeff


panel 15: Mario

Mario: My Witch's Brew revival panel. Keen eyes will still probably not be able to tell which webcomics appear in Him-Guy's newspaper, so I'll just tell you.

panel 16: Matt

Matt: Maybe you'd have better luck with your webcomics updating if you didn't read them off the same newspaper every day, Him-Guy.

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