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Sci-Fi You Can Dance To: Matt, Mario and Jeff (10/19/2008)

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panel 1: Matt

Matt: I was hoping that this would steer the brew into a Heroes and/or Back to the Future direction, but I guess George Takei will always be overpoweringly known as Lieutenant Sulu.

We should've put Sylar in this brew, since he's the other link between Star Trek and Heroes.

panel 2: Mario

Mario: Save the cheerleader world!

panel 3: Jeff


panel 4: Matt


panel 5: Mario

Mario: >_<

panel 6: Jeff


panel 7: Matt

Matt: The second worst thing? Someone painting the walls of his office.

panel 8: Mario

Mario: No one should ever make such foolish statements. Don't they realize that they're in a webcomic?!?

panel 9: Jeff


panel 10: Matt


panel 11: Mario

Mario: It was a real bitch removing Lady and Tramp from this image. I had to basically redraw the center, to varying degrees of success. But I think it was worth it for the Walter/Alien money shot.

panel 12: Jeff


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