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Head Like a Hole: Steven, Jake, Jeff, Mario, Matt

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panel 1: Steven


panel 2: Mario

Mario: We can only assume that Beethoven was reading their lips. Or reading their speech bubbles.

panel 3: Jeff


panel 4: Steven


panel 5: Mario

Mario: A most proper Mole Person.

panel 6: Jeff

Jeff: I'm guessing Over There is a lot more sane.

panel 7: Jake

Jake: The upper-crust Opera glass world has yet to learn that wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a fasion faux-pas.

panel 8: Steven


panel 9: Mario

Mario: Regular Luigi is probably perfectly fine with underwater asphyxiation. I'm not sure about Mama Luigi's opinion on the matter though.

panel 10: Jeff


panel 11: Jake

Jake: Looking back, I wish I had gone all out and conformed to Bubble Bobble physics by making the Ninji spin wildly off screen and turn red. You live, you learn.

panel 12: Steven


panel 13: Matt


panel 14: Mario

Mario: For his new addition to the cast page, I had to give the condescending bird art teacher a name. I chose Mr. Arzt, both for its sounding like "art" and as a Lost reference.

panel 15: Jeff


panel 16: Jake

Jake: However, a Mario 2 romhack featuring Excitebike and Bubble Bobble is certainly a lot less ridiculous than Wilford Brimely Battle.

panel 17: Matt


panel 18: Steven


panel 19: Mario

Mario: The laptop is making Cookie Monster eating sounds. The dragon is being eaten.

panel 20: Jeff


panel 21: Jake

Jake: The User was playing Dope Wars in this very special episode.

panel 22: Matt


panel 23: Steven


panel 24: Mario

Mario: Just watched my first episodes of Will It Blend? the other day. I'm still waiting for the episode where they blend the very fabric of space-time. Or possibly another blender made of antimatter.

panel 25: Jeff


panel 26: Jake

Jake: I don't agree with President Phone-Head Man advocating retroactive immunity for the telecommunications companies after they allowed illegal federal wiretaps for suspected terrorists.

panel 27: Matt


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