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Geoff Needs to Upload It: TS and Jeff

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panel 1: TS


panel 2: Jeff

Jeff: Anime eyes! Horrifying!

panel 3: Jeff

Jeff: Forced entry is a prime way to meet your monthly sales quota.

panel 4: TS


panel 5: TS


panel 6: Jeff

Jeff: He should have stayed the heck away from those bee-obsessed harpies.

panel 7: Jeff

Jeff: Really, saw it coming.

panel 8: TS


panel 9: TS


panel 10: Jeff

Jeff: Grandpa Pumpkin knows what's going on, he's just a big liar.

panel 11: Jeff

Jeff: Why this pumpkin is being carved up when he clearly already has a cut mouth and eyes is beyond me.

panel 12: TS


panel 13: TS


panel 14: Jeff

Jeff: Yeah, I went there.

panel 15: Jeff

Jeff: That's right, those kind of jokes. Look at what I've reduced the brew to Mum-Ra, look at it in horror.

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