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Whipping the Snappers: Geoff, Mario, and Paul

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panel 1: Geoff


panel 2: Mario

Mario: Bill & Ted reference. But I'm sure you knew that.

panel 3: Mario

Mario: Walter's Mom doesn't waste time with pesky punctuation.

panel 4: Geoff


panel 5: Geoff


panel 6: Mario

Mario: And all the tombstones say he's pretty spry, for an old guy.

panel 7: Mario

Mario: Old people breakdancing is the next big trend in movies. Thus proving that Witch's Brew is, once again, ahead of the curve.

panel 8: Geoff


panel 9: Geoff


panel 10: Mario

Mario: Morgan Freeman had the only decent performance in Bruce Almighty, but even he couldn't class up that piece of crap.

Okay, Steve Carell spouting gibberish was pretty funny. But all the rest, crap.

panel 11: Mario

Mario: Look at me, I'm making fun of Scientology! Thus proving that Witch's Brew is, once again, far behind the curve.

panel 12: Geoff


panel 13: Geoff


panel 14: Mario

Mario: Don't hide behind those balloons, Bee Guy! Be proud of your bee-loving ways!

panel 15: Mario

Mario: I would hang out with the bee guy. We could chat about how hornets are such assholes.

panel 16: Paul


Geoff: Paul pulled a Mario.

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