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Cell Phones Are Price-Fixed: Jeff, TS

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panel 1: Jeff

Jeff: Someday I'm going to buy a huge 80's cell phone, crack it open and put a regular, non-80's cell phone inside of it.
I'll be the coolest guy on the block.

panel 2: TS


panel 3: TS


panel 4: Jeff

Jeff: Aviator goggles and billowing scarves are a sure sign of some sort of pilot. Even giant catbot pilots.

panel 5: Jeff

Jeff: I question the choice of putting the cockpit behind the eyes like that though, you can't add in the eye laser upgrade with the control room in the way.

panel 6: TS

TS: I'm guessing Over There is a lot more sane.

panel 7: TS


panel 8: Jeff

Jeff: Her dress is really unflattering, it's like a tarp.

panel 9: Jeff

Jeff: Can you think of a better death squad?
I didn't think so.

panel 10: TS


panel 11: TS


panel 12: Jeff

Jeff: Rich Uncle Pennybags fell on hard times after Short Line was acquired by the Electric Company.

panel 13: Jeff

Jeff: But no mention of all your nieces and nephews? For shame, Uncle, for shame.

panel 14: TS


panel 15: TS


panel 16: Jeff

Jeff: The dry cleaning man looks so bored.

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