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He Brokedanced Hard Enough to Split in Twain: Jeff and T.S.

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panel 1: Jeff

Jeff: Venn Diagrams are a vital cornerstone of the intellectual pyramid.

panel 2: T.S.


panel 3: T.S.


panel 4: Jeff

Jeff: That chalkboard is the nerdiest chalkboard I could find on Google.

panel 5: Jeff

Jeff: The exploding lines imply great immediacy!

panel 6: T.S.

T.S.: I'm guessing Over There is a lot more sane.

panel 7: T.S.


panel 8: Jeff

Jeff: Plainly this is the only response any self-respecting cat could have in this situation.

panel 9: Jeff

Jeff: Man, a lot of Batman villains are animal themed, if you think about it.
Catwoman, the Penguin, Man-Bat, Uhh, Poison Ivy? ...I really have no idea.

panel 10: T.S.


panel 11: T.S.


panel 12: Jeff

Jeff: Dominatrix Lego Catwoman for the win.

panel 13: Jeff

Jeff: There were other pictures of kids playing with legos on Google, but this one was the least creepy.

panel 14: T.S.


panel 15: T.S.


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