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Overheating: Geoff, Paul, and Mario
Winner of The Orange Belt Sprite Comic Contest #15: Racing Games

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panel 1: Geoff


panel 2: Paul


panel 3: Paul


panel 4: Geoff

Geoff: Excitekeg! (worst... game... ever.)

panel 5: Geoff

Geoff: This is definitely my favorite panel in this one. There's something about dirt biking naked that's totally awesome. Also, note that he has chosen to lean forward for the extra speed rather than lean back for height, and he's going to crash.

panel 6: Paul

Paul: I hear Gamestop will pay you to take a copy of BMX XXX from the store.

panel 7: Mario

Mario: Coming up from behind after a late start, it's Mario! Little did I know what horrors I had unleashed with this entry.

panel 8: Geoff

Geoff: Yup, that's about what I look like without a shirt on as well.

panel 9: Paul

Geoff: He forgot the butter. Of course it's not working.


panel 10: Mario

Mario: No comment.

Geoff: ... Also no comment.

Paul: Not even going there...

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