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No Throwing Ice Cream: Geoff, Mario, Jeff, Paul, Matt, Drew (9/29/2005 - 5/14/2007)

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panel 1: Geoff


panel 2: Mario

Mario: Oh Mr. Hand, you silly demonspawn. You can tell this panel was made awhile ago, it's got the older iTunes icon. You know, if you actually pay attention to that sort of thing. I'm not sure why he opted for the Kelly Hurt version of that song, since it's much slower and less dancier than the Paris Hilton version, but to each his own.

panel 3: Jeff

Jeff: You think ravioli have a lot of money? The only thing they've got in their pockets is delicious meat filling.

panel 4: Paul


panel 5: Matt


panel 6: Drew


panel 7: Geoff


panel 8: Mario

Mario: President Phone-Head Man is easily spooked.

panel 9: Jeff

Jeff: I love this Comradefont. Also, mustaches.

Mario: Dude, you gotta give me that Comradefont.

panel 10: Paul


panel 11: Matt


panel 12: Mario

Mario: Squiggle squiggle, squigglety-squiggle.

panel 13: Jeff

Jeff: A friend of mine said I should have written "Doctoral Dissertation" but I say it's still tragic.

panel 14: Paul


panel 15: Matt

Matt: I figured anyone nerdy enough to read Witch's Brew would be nerdy enough to understand jokes about Perpetual Motion.

panel 16: Drew


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