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PictoBrew: Mario, Matt, Jason J.
A Brew made entirely with PictoChat and digital cameras (this will not be the last)

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panel 1: Mario

Mario: But not enough like Mario 2 to be grounds for legal action. Obviously.

panel 2: Matt


panel 3: Jason J.

Jason J.: Someone failed their drawing final, I think.

panel 4: Mario

Mario: The Commissioner from Jury Duty returns to existence. I'm always begging Paul to put him in a comic again, but I can understand that an evil black being of infinite mass that fills the sky with his personage is hard to work in sometimes. Q-Tip inspired me to try working beyond the confines of a single PictoChat image, and I liked what I saw.

panel 5: Matt

Matt: I figured the reason a black void would take arms is to look pretty.

panel 6: Jason J.

Jason J.: RrRrRrRrR Arrrrr.....ms...

panel 7: Mario

Mario: Walter's on the outside looking in. Pity him. I do.

panel 8: Matt

Matt: Note the lack of car doors, and a face on the black void, this is the product of a 3AM brew.

panel 9: Jason J.

Jason J.: Hurray for full-circle Mario allusions. (Pretend it's Mario 2, okay?)

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