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Bureau of Gravity Control: Paul, Mario, Kyle, Geoff

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panel 1: Paul


panel 2: Mario

Mario: I love when a bunch of us get together and throw down a whole Brew in one night. By 2:00 AM, we were in that state where every panel was Goddamned hilarious. I mean, I still think this one came out great, but still. Late-night giggles. I have a lot of difficulty drawing with Paul's big-ol' Wacom tablet; since mine is scaled down so much, I'm used to making small movements of the pen. But I endure.

panel 3: Kyle


panel 4: Geoff

Geoff: It felt so wrong drawing something fairly well, then scaling it down with the intention of bringing it back up with nearest neighbor on. To quote Vin Diesel, "The things I gotta do for my country."

Mario: Actually, I believe the quote goes, "The things I'm gonna do for my country." Drink.

panel 5: Paul

Paul: Walter attacks the United Nations!

panel 6: Mario

Mario: This Brew's episode title is based on a short story I came up with back in high school, which was to be used for the never-made fourth episode of VEF. It was called "Gravity Tax". If you didn't pay the newly-created gravity tax on time, you'd be flung straight up into the air. I imagine technical limitations prevented this from being made, and also they stopped making the show.

Paul: Definitely my favorite panel. ^_^

panel 7: Kyle


panel 8: Geoff

Geoff: I decided that what Kyle drew was actually the back side of pac-man rather than the sun. Makes sense to me. Plus, pac-man got my favorite dialogue bubble ever. Yellow with red stroke? IT'S HIDEOUS! I LOVE IT!

panel 9: Paul


panel 10: Mario

Mario: You can tell that's Evil Walter and not regular Walter because he's got a Snidely Whiplash moustache and garb and Mirror, Mirror Spock goatee.

panel 11: Kyle


panel 12: Geoff

Geoff: I'm sorry Kyle. Low blow. But hey, you gave me nothin' to work with and I had to end it. Plus it was late and I couldn't think anymore.

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Witch's Brew created by Paul Coe, Geoff Kottmeier and Mario Panighetti. Witch's Brew, with the exception of all original characters and dialogue, is not copywritten.
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