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I Am Declaring Warhol: Matt, Mario

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panel 1: Matt


panel 2: Mario

Mario: Tony paints a mighty fine Squirrelé Guevara.

panel 3: Mario

Mario: Random Guyé Guevara has a good point, Toné Guevara.

panel 4: Matt


panel 5: Matt


panel 6: Mario

Mario: I was surprised that I was able to find Matt's exact source material. Made for a nice smooth transition. As smooth as a Brew can get, anyway.

panel 7: Mario

Mario: Matt thought I was a poser for bringing Internet Sensation Chuck Norris into the Brew. Then Chuck Norris kicked him in the balls. Matt doesn't say much of anything anymore. At least in anything other than a high squeaky voice.

panel 8: Matt


panel 9: Matt


panel 10: Mario

Mario: Brandon Bird is an amazing artist. I'm a particularly big fan of his Law & Order Coloring Book.

panel 11: Mario

Mario: Apparently this is the art-themed Brew. And also the Random Internet Celebrity Brew. But that describes every Brew anyway.

panel 12: Matt


panel 13: Matt


panel 14: Mario

Mario: Man, Hulk Hogan sucks at Wii Sports Boxing. Though his being in an actual ring shows dedication to the craft, even if it's probably a wrestling ring.

panel 15: Mario

Mario: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present: The Hulk Hogan.

panel 16: Matt


panel 17: Matt


panel 18: Mario

Mario: Hands up! Hahahakillme.

panel 19: Mario

Mario: You would think I was sneaking myself into a Brew, but you'd be wrong. My hand is clearly a separate and distinct entity.

panel 20: Matt


panel 21: Matt


panel 22: Mario

Mario: Jerk clerk... blerk.

panel 23: Mario

Mario: My brain bled just a little when I created this monstrosity.

panel 24: Matt


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