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A Sneaking Mission: Jeff, Paul, Geoff, Mario, and Matt

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panel 1: Jeff

Jeff: Despite being posted after Brew 40 (which I was also in), this is actually the first Brew panel I made. Look at Walter's mouth, it's all wrong! There aren't nearly enough right angles.

panel 2: Paul


panel 3: Geoff


panel 4: Mario

Mario: It's a little-known fact that Walter never opens his mouth. His teeth have evolved to fold out of the way when he needs to inbibe nasty liquids.

Evolution does not work that way. Good night!

panel 5: Matt


panel 6: Jeff

Jeff: Dr Urge had to bribe a lot of people to become such a high-ranking official in the Russian government.

panel 7: Paul


panel 8: Geoff


panel 9: Mario

Mario: I'd be more confused about how the bus can change size and style at a moment's notice. Electromagnetism shoots out little lightning bolts!

panel 10: Matt


panel 11: Jeff

Jeff: Walter's mouth: WRONG.

panel 12: Paul


panel 13: Geoff


panel 14: Mario

Mario: I figured I should spend some effort on at least one of my panels, so I drew what I thought were decent renditions of Dr. Mario and Nurse Angie Thompson (though I was subsequently made fun of for using the DS-style artwork for Angie, and I agree, the Wii version art style was a hell of a lot better).

panel 15: Matt


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