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The Thursday Night Lineup: Jeff and Steven

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panel 1: Jeff

Jeff: I really have no idea what I was going for with this, I just wanted to say electrocardiogram in my commentary. This is actually the second Brew I've taken part in, the first one is legendary, and over six months in the making. It's not done either...

panel 2: Steven

Steven: "Line-wavy-thingy" is the appropriate technical term.

panel 3: Steven

Steven: Don't know how green would go any better with that plain gray room, but okay! Henderson is a cool name.

panel 4: Jeff

Jeff: It seemed the logical choice, anyone would have done the same!

panel 5: Jeff

Jeff: I thought the gruff doctor turned into the nachos, but apparently I was mistaken!

panel 6: Steven

Steven: Even the most gruff-demeanor'd doctors can find time for nachos. JUBILEE

panel 7: Steven

Steven: Luigi's teeth also seem to be glued together.

panel 8: Jeff

Jeff: I looked for ten minutes trying to find a picture of MC Hammer in his parachute pants. I almost used a screenshot from that cartoon, HammerMan, but then I found that action figure.

panel 9: Jeff

Jeff: I couldn't touch that, even if I tried.

panel 10: Steven


panel 11: Steven


panel 12: Jeff

Jeff: I wanted to use RIP, he's my favorite, next to Walter.

panel 13: Jeff

Jeff: Photoshop effects are awesome.

panel 14: Steven

Steven: That left hillbilly guy came out awesome, I think.

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