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The Boondock Snorks: Mario and Matt

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panel 1: Matt


panel 2: Matt


panel 3: Mario

Mario: Walter and the kitchen appear to be in a state of flux. Mel doesn't look terribly concerned.

panel 4: Mario

Mario: Some would say that Reverse Dr. Atkins is inverted both vertically and chromatically, but he'd just say that the whole world is inverted, and that he's normal. Then again, he does have "reverse" in his name. Maybe he thinks the word "reverse" refers to a normal state of being?

Forget I said anything.

panel 5: Matt


panel 6: Matt


panel 7: Mario

Mario: You ever wonder what the TV watches? Maybe you should.

panel 8: Mario

Mario: If you don't understand why the TV's TV wants to be dead, you obviously never watched The Snorks.

panel 9: Matt


panel 10: Matt


panel 11: Mario

Mario: That... wasn't a very good counter to his pun protestations. His will isn't being done satisfactorily.

panel 12: Mario

Mario: Gypsies are just badly-cut-out floating heads, so that much was a dead giveaway early in life.

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