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Chin From Hell: by Mario, Conor, and Geoff

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panel 1: Mario

Mario: I very much got a kick out of the concept of talking to the watercooler.

panel 2: Conor


panel 3: Geoff


panel 4: Mario

Mario: Must be one of those "HD ready" televisions that couldn't actually handle the DRM schemes in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and therefore are not really HD ready in any useful way.

panel 5: Conor


panel 6: Geoff

Geoff: I spent way too much time on this. (By the way, this isn't actually the poster for Hot Chick II. I totally faked it.)

panel 7: Mario

Mario: Oh yeah, like none of you have ever tried this at home. You people need to be true to yourselves!

panel 8: Conor


panel 9: Geoff


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