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We Brokedanced: by Paul and Elijah

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panel 1: Paul

Paul: I heard this guy actually complained about this once.

...........Nah, I'm just kidding.

panel 2: Paul

Paul: Hooray! It's Over-my-dead-body-Man.

panel 3: Elijah


panel 4: Elijah


panel 5: Paul

Paul: Over-my-dead-body-Man is very techno-savvy.

panel 6: Paul

Paul: Hooray! I'm sure glad all those anti-spam bills are working.

panel 7: Elijah


panel 8: Elijah


panel 9: Paul

Paul: 'nuf said.

panel 10: Paul

Paul: I've always wanted one of these.

panel 11: Elijah


panel 12: Elijah


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