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AOL Tacos: by Geoff and Paul

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panel 1: Geoff

Geoff: I invented a game once. Paul didn't much like to play it, apparently because the rules were too confusing and the challenge was near impossible to achieve.

panel 2: Paul

Paul: What Geoff fails to realize, is that his throwing technique leaves something to be desired.

panel 3: Paul

Paul: You see, the trick is to throw the disc under-arm style. It'll create enough spin to keep the it upright on its way over to your opponent.

panel 4: Geoff

Geoff: Screw that. Throwing under handed is for cowards, weaklings, and mormons...

panel 5: Geoff

Geoff: For example, I knew a guy in high school that threw under handed. At first I thought he was mormon, but he turned out to be a total coward and a weakling. Besides, I didn't get any cookies today.

panel 6: Paul

Paul: Okay, nothing against the mormons, but...

panel 7: Paul

Paul: I think I know what guy you're talking about. What a f*ckin' tool he was.

panel 8: Geoff

Geoff: I can't help but feel sorry for the people whose left shoes he swallowed.

panel 9: Geoff

Geoff: Although, that'd mean feeling sorry for myself. And that makes me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

panel 10: Paul

Mario: How many times have I told you to stop quoting 'Hulk'. I know its your favorite movie and all, but seriously...

panel 11: Paul

Paul: That movie sucked hard balls.

panel 12: Geoff

Geoff: I wasn't... I don't... how about you shut the hell up. And suck hard balls.

panel 13: Geoff

Geoff: Jennifer Connelly is hot.

panel 14: Paul

Paul: Especially in Labyrinth. Whoa.....

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