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Night Banana!: by Paul, Mario, Peter, Jason, Ross, and Kerry

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panel 1: Paul

Paul: Walter sure does know how to deal with hoodlums.

panel 2: Mario

Mario: Walter has no idea what he's missing out on.

panel 3: Mario

Mario: Snickerdoodles are like ambrosia, only they don't make you into a Greek god. Or do they? No they don't.

panel 4: Paul

Paul: Certain cookies are drugs. Just take Girl Scout Thin Mints, for example.

panel 5: Paul

Paul: While this isn't the Prince from Katamari Damacy, it sure looks a helluvah lot like one of his cousins.

panel 6: Mario

Mario: I could really go for some snickerdoodles right about now.

panel 7: Mario

Mario: *hums all the Katamari Damacy songs in a row on repeat until the end of time*

panel 8: Paul

Paul: I can't help but feel sorry for the people whose left shoes have been swallowed in a Katamari.

panel 9: Paul

Paul: Here I go again with the surly inanimate objects.

panel 10: Mario

Mario: If I ever do decide to drink beer, rest assured it'll only be "Beer Genuine Draft" brand.

panel 11: Mario

Mario: That guy's messed up, right there.

panel 12: Paul

Paul: Maybe I'll ... I shouldn't be trying to be typing ... right ... now.

panel 13: Paul

Paul: Night Banana!

panel 14: Mario

Mario: Beer's car is good at being different colors sometimes.

panel 15: Mario

Mario: Pineapple babies are like regular babies, only made of pineapple. And also Satan's minions.

panel 16: Paul

Paul: I'd like to think that somewhere, there is a possessed-pineapple-baby alarm.

panel 17: Paul

Paul: Old men are lame.

panel 18: Mike


panel 19: Mario

Mario: That kooky Hirohito! Will his antics never cease?

panel 20: Paul

Paul: Seriously though. We here at Witchsbrew love asians! Especially Laotians! *whistles*

panel 21: Mike


panel 22: Mario

Mario: As usual, the light side gives up.

panel 23: Paul

Paul: I love my vacation.

panel 24: Kerry


panel 25: Peter

Peter: I guess I took care of my explaining comments inside the actual panel. I placed my desire to explain the jokes immediately ahead of having content for my comments box. Oh well. BC sucks.

panel 26: Jason


panel 27: Ross


panel 28: Paul

Paul: A portrait of Jason Roberts at an awesome-impromptu-parody-rave at my house. He was a one-man keyboard...ist.

panel 29: Mario

Mario: That's Vince, from the critically-acclaimed Chuck and the Chair!

In other news, I'm now a critic, and I hereby acclaim Chuck and the Chair.

panel 30: Peter

Peter: Ice Coe is a legendary and influential rap producer. He's also Paul.

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