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Your Mom Is A Witch's Brew Episode Title: by Kyle, Geoff, Mario, and Paul

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panel 1: Kyle


panel 2: Geoff


panel 3: Mario

Mario: "Your mom has fallen off". I gotta remember that one. Your mom's gotta remember that one.

panel 4: Paul

Paul: This panel was created during my recovery from a "your-mom" joke overdose. I've been clean for 2 weeks.

panel 5: Kyle


panel 6: Geoff


panel 7: Mario

Mario: Rip's mom is also a creepy male voyeur in a banana suit from Rip's childhood?

panel 8: Paul

Paul: True story. Although, it wasn't my birthday... and it wasn't a tricycle... and it didn't really happen. (Rip's mom is really mean, and she's his uncle.)

panel 9: Kyle


panel 10: Geoff


panel 11: Mario

Mario: Walter would have made a great Ed Sullivan. Curse my not having been alive when The Ed Sullivan Show was on the air, so I could invent the Walter character, bring him to life somehow, then replace Ed Sullivan!

panel 12: Paul

Paul: People like when animals act like humans. They also like heart-warming stories of animals and cancerous kids teaming up together. I figured this panel would be a sure hit. I was sorely mistaken.

panel 13: Kyle


panel 14: Geoff


panel 15: Mario

Mario: I stole this line from a Bill Hicks routine about the TV show Cops. Also, I am totally the champion at finding the same Google images that other people used in previous panels.

panel 16: Paul

Paul: God. Damnit. I get this damned email every friggin' day. Take this you bastards! (note: I found this image while google-imaging for "mud monster".)

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