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Save Surge: by Paul, Mario, and Geoff

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panel 1: Paul

Paul: Something about pissed off inanimate objects makes me laugh.

panel 2: Mario

Mario: He stole that shirt from some Cañadatown local.

panel 3: Geoff

Geoff: True story. By the way, that screen is from Logic 7, which at the time of creating this panel was still not out yet.

panel 4: Paul

Paul: I am waiting. What for, you ask? For yet another goddamn MMORPG to come out that features a Complain ability. Mark my words, there will be one.

panel 5: Mario

Mario: Caterpie is kickin' all kinds of ass. String Shot attack!

panel 6: Geoff

Geoff: Nintendo DS, baby! Note the Brad Pitt reference as well.

panel 7: Paul

Paul: Poor Rip. The only games he could ever play were "Track and Field" and DDR.

panel 8: Mario

Mario: All octopuses are bright orange. It's a fact!

panel 9: Geoff


panel 10: Paul

Paul: This is actually 20 bees man's dead-beat brother who is currently collecting disability checks for tinnitis.

panel 11: Mario

Mario: The friendly little tike alongside 20BM is none other than Pichu, one of the most annoying Smash Bros. characters. It only just now occurred to me that I have two Pokémon references in this Brew. That's crazy.

Pichu is saying "cat taco".

panel 12: Geoff

Geoff: If you haven't seen it, see "Dead Alive" now. You'll understand what singaya means.

panel 13: Paul

Paul: Gasoline is 20 bees man's other weakness... his first, being indecision.

panel 14: Mario

Mario: No one actually misses Surge.

panel 15: Geoff

Geoff: Thanks to the dudes at savesurge.org for being totally obsessed with a horrible drink. This is what Surge looks like in Norway.

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Witch's Brew created by Paul Coe, Geoff Kottmeier and Mario Panighetti. Witch's Brew, with the exception of all original characters and dialogue, is not copywritten.