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Sell Drugs To The Kids: by Geoff and Paul

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panel 1: Geoff

Geoff: In case you don't know, this is a reference to which ever one of the Olsen twins had that whole drug/anorexia thing. She got started on NyQuil™.

panel 2: Paul

Paul: ...True story.

panel 3: Paul

Paul: Scientific studies have shown that crack cocaine usage is directly linked to sugar-cube and paperclip abuse.

panel 4: Geoff


panel 5: Geoff


panel 6: Paul

Paul: Little known fact! Walter's shirt is made of cocaine.

panel 7: Paul

Paul: I though Jackson would be pissed off about this.

panel 8: Geoff

Geoff: Wow. Most references in a single panel ever. Sean William Scott (a.k.a. that cooky sidekick guy in every movie) is the most obvious, which is a reference to Dwayne Johnson in one way or another. "Outta the way, Peck," is a reference to the movie Willow as well as our video teacher in high school. "God don't make no trash," is a David Cross reference, regarding how ironic it is when really trashy people where shirts like that.

panel 9: Geoff


panel 10: Paul

Paul: I have a lot in common with Him-Guy. We should do that project we've been talking about.

panel 11: Paul

Paul: Rock the socks off the world, my friend.

panel 12: Geoff


panel 13: Geoff

Geoff: Perhaps this should be explained... You see, I wasn't trying to draw anything, I just drew weird shapes and then realized they kind of looked like people... Apparently this is what Paul and I would look like if cubist sponge artists got their hands on us.

panel 14: Paul

Paul: If only I had known it was us, I would have made myself slightly less trapezoidal.

panel 15: Paul

Paul: Our cubist self portraits are used to sell shoes in Hong Kong.

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