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Elvis Lives!: by Geoff and Paul

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panel 1: Geoff

Geoff: This guy popped up in Netscape right when we were getting started. He looks way too much like Butthead to be starting wars.

panel 2: Paul

Paul: *sigh* Walter and his crappy car...

panel 3: Paul

Paul: Frightening fact! My car is the exact model, year, color, and license plate as the car in this picture... hey wait a minute...

panel 4: Geoff

Geoff: The only way to respond to the phrase "Augh!"

panel 5: Geoff


panel 6: Paul

Paul: Him-Guy is such a mama's-boy. He can't go anywhere without calling home.

panel 7: Paul


panel 8: Geoff


panel 9: Geoff

Geoff: Homage to Igby Goes Down.

panel 10: Paul

Paul: Elvis Lives. Except for that time they found him dead on a toilet seat.

panel 11: Paul

Paul: (Little-Known-Fact) Dwayne Johnson, before his career as "The Rock", was an Elvis impersonator in a Hawaiian Hotel lounge. True story.

panel 12: Geoff

Geoff: I thought Paul was talking about The Rock impersonators.

panel 13: Geoff


panel 14: Paul

Paul: Maybe this panel was a bad idea...

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