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AngstFest '04: by Paul and Mario

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panel 1: Paul

Paul: This panel features a bastardized 'monopoly-guy' looking at a fender.

panel 2: Paul

Paul: Both Walter and Rip are working-class men. They don't take kindly to rich people with monocles.

panel 3: Mario

Mario: You could what?

panel 4: Mario

Mario: Someone gave me a LiveJournal account once. I didn't really have anything to say. Zelda Comic is like my LiveJournal, only without all the unnecessary whining.

panel 5: Paul

Paul: After all is said and done, I think I like Rip with his Emo Hair and Emo Glasses.

panel 6: Paul

Paul: HaHA. Take that, indie people. But seriously, I love obscure music just because it's obscure.

panel 7: Mario

Mario: I'm willing to bet that there actually are emo duels in real life. The contestants whine in each other's general direction. It's a spectator sport. The spectators point and laugh a lot, thus fueling the contestants' angsts. Hmm, I wonder if I can set up something like this?

panel 8: Mario

Mario: The background comes courtesy of Kirby Super Star for SNES. If I didn't hold myself back, then it's pretty probable that every WB panel I ever make would include video game references. It's just who I am!

panel 9: Paul

Paul: Making fake newspaper articles is fun.

panel 10: Paul

Paul: I've been contemplating getting a Live Journal account.... WAHAHA!

panel 11: Mario

Mario: A picturesque photo of Paul in Apple's San Francisco store. I inverted it.

panel 12: Mario

Mario: And that's a bird! It is yellow and talks down to people.

panel 13: Paul

Paul: This guy is an awesome teacher. He puts students in their place.

panel 14: Paul

Paul: An angsty teen in a graphic design class. An all too common occurence... WOW. This comic really is an Angstfest!

panel 15: Mario

Mario: Robots are superior for putting people in their respective places. The wheels on his feet presumably give him full motion to either the left or right.

panel 16: Mario

Mario: It's a cold hard truth we must all learn to live with.

panel 17: Paul

Paul: Man, rich old white guys have sure got me down recently. This panel was the only way I can "get" "back" at them. Heh heh heh, just wait 'til they see this.

panel 18: Paul


panel 19: Mario

Mario: Google image searches for Stephen Hawking can have the weirdest results.

panel 20: Mario

Mario: Stephen Hawking puts Walter in his place, while a backdrop of a star chart burns through the night. My magical fire clip art I've been using for more than two years now once again rears its ugly head.

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