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Fast Cars, Slow Children: by Paul and Geoff

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panel 1: Paul

Paul: Hey hey! It's Walter's crappy car that's constantly blowing up. (or breaking down).

panel 2: Geoff

Geoff: If you didn't catch this, you probably haven't seen The Mothman Prophecy.

panel 3: Geoff

Geoff: Best. Onomatopoeia. Ever.

panel 4: Paul

Paul: I love torturing Walter.

panel 5: Paul

Paul: As Walter explodes in the distance, a young man with mittens trespasses somewhere.

panel 6: Geoff


panel 7: Geoff


panel 8: Paul

Paul: Sometimes I wish I had property to chase people off of.

panel 9: Paul

Paul: One of my best joke panels (I think...) That's me and Geoff, totally stylized.

panel 10: Geoff

Geoff: I was particularly sick of H2's this day. Why do people buy these poser suburbanite rip-offs of military vehicles? Cut the crap like Richard D. James did and just buy a friggin' tank. Or at least get a Hummer with a turret and a canvas roof with benches in the back for the troops.

panel 11: Geoff


panel 12: Paul

Paul: Haha. If only this could actually be accomplished. Boy... the things I would draw...

panel 13: Paul

Paul: Kate Moss and Heather Locklear looking quite skeletal.

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