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Dukes Of Friendbrew: by Mario, Paul and Geoff
Tribute to Friendbear

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Intro: Paul


Mario: This panel was created in post to bring the project together properly.

panel 1: Mario

Mario: I was extremely proud of my Friend Bear recreation skills, down to the proper font-kerning.

panel 2: Paul


panel 3: Geoff

Geoff: Ah. Rad Gravity. I'd just discovered this horrible game when I decided to insert him into the Brew. If MST3K ever does a video game, this would be a good one.

panel 4: Mario

Mario: More crappy Photoshop desert. Geoff was a bastard for bringing Rad Gravity into this.

panel 5: Paul


panel 6: Geoff


panel 7: Mario

Mario: I actually have no idea whether Friend Bear or Pokey the Penguin came first. They sure are similar though.

panel 8: Paul


panel 9: Geoff

Geoff: Thanks to my room mate Stu for his advice on guns.

panel 10: Mario

Mario: Economy-Sized Friend Bear! Pomegranate! Turtle!

panel 11: Paul


panel 12: Geoff

Geoff: I'm somewhat disturbed that there are still fans of this show in the world; however, thanks to the fans for these pictures.

panel 13: Geoff


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