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McDonald's Forced Food Down My Throat: by Mario and Paul

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panel 1: Mario

Mario: We like Ninja Gaiden.

panel 2: Paul


panel 3: Paul


panel 4: Mario

Mario: Like what?!?

panel 5: Mario

Mario: Oh, like that.

panel 6: Paul


panel 7: Paul

Paul: I believe every villain should, at some point in their career, open a fast food chain.

panel 8: Mario

Mario: Not sure what got so screwed up with the text and word bubble in this panel. Really wanna try that burger though.

panel 9: Mario

Mario: Walter sneaks in to diss The Jaquio's burger. Not cool, man.

panel 10: Paul

Paul: The Jaquio is one sensitive guy.

panel 11: Paul

Paul: The shitty background here is one of the Photoshop sample images.

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