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sudo apachectl graceful: by Paul and Mario

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panel 1: Paul

Paul: I wanted the bench to become a recurring character so Rip could have a rival, but it never happened.

panel 2: Paul

Paul: The first panel with Bilge Dasto. Bilge Dasto was from a lucid dream I had during a heat wave.

panel 3: Mario

Mario: Simpsons did it.

panel 4: Mario

Mario: Fake-out!

panel 5: Paul

Paul: Bilge, like many villains, likes to give the good guy a head start before he chases them.

panel 6: Paul


panel 7: Mario

Mario: Henshin-a-go-go, baby?

panel 8: Mario

Mario: Never mind, it was just fire.

panel 9: Paul


panel 10: Paul


panel 11: Mario

Mario: So much build-up!

panel 12: Mario

Mario: Don't let your friends be a tombstone and drive.

panel 13: Paul

Paul: No one should drive in this condition.

panel 14: Paul

Paul: Walter signed his life away right there.

panel 15: Mario

Mario: Sage advice from a great man.

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