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New Product: by Paul and Mario (4/14/2003 - 4/18/2003)

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panel 1: Paul


panel 2: Paul

panel 3: Mario
Mario: Blinded by the light.

panel 4: Mario
Mario: I always loved Arrow'd Guy.

panel 5: Paul

panel 6: Paul


panel 7: Mario

Mario: Those beeps and boops wouldn't add up to "9-1-1-Send" any way you slice it, unless he's got some crazy speed-dial that actually takes longer than dialing the actual number. Which, uh, he does.

panel 8: Mario

Mario: Hey, the first time he burst into flame sans explanation! The presence of a cell phone is a coincidence.

panel 9: Paul


panel 10: Paul


panel 11: Mario

Mario: Wait, disk jockey? How did I not notice the "on hold" bit that I'd started? Because I'm crazy-weird, that's why.

panel 12: Mario

Mario: I've had very similar dreams.

panel 13: Paul


panel 14: Paul


panel 15: Mario

Mario: I liked inventing the phrase "asphixiatory suppression". I also liked inventing The Salesman, though I didn't realize it at the time.

panel 16: Mario

Mario: The Salesman can use an asterisk in speech, and put the disclaimer outside of his field of speech! That's pretty damn amazing.

panel 17: Paul


panel 18: Paul


panel 19: Mario

Mario: I always wanted something like this to be in a mall. I'm sure people would appreciate it. Especially if it were in lieu of a map.

panel 20: Mario

Mario: You can't see it, but it's a brick. Now you know.

panel 21: Paul


panel 22: Paul


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