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Priority Support: by Paul and Mario (4/4/2003)

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panel 1: Paul

Paul: Little known fact, in my town there is a store called "Store", and a place called "Store"... I mean... "Place"

panel 2: Paul

Paul: I'm lazy.

panel 3: Mario

Mario: The fabled third panel of legend. I, too, am lazy. Note the subtle video game-based humor slightly to the left of the panel.

panel 4: Mario

Mario: Ms. Pac-Man don't take kindly to next-gen video games. Even though she starred in a more-than-halfway-decent Playstation title. Crazy.

panel 5: Paul


panel 6: Paul

Paul: I totally ripped this off from Spielberg.

panel 7: Mario

Mario: Spielberg wishes he had the courage to do this. Also, this marks Rip's first appearance in the Witch's Bwew. He originally featured in Jury Duty. He was a tombstone.

panel 8: Mario

Mario: This Brew was done in one evening of crazed fun-having. In our haste to see the finished product, the art quality began to diminish (mostly on my end). Notice the use of video game sprites and screencaps towards the end. Video game sprites are the epitome of laziness and a sure sign of a complete lack of creativity HAHAHA IRONY IS TEH FUNNAY

panel 9: Paul

Paul: Poor link.

panel 10: Paul

Paul: This is me... screwing over Mario. Heh heh heh...

Mario: Yeah, that's pretty much the point of a two-man Brew: to see how much you can screw over the other person.

panel 11: Mario

Mario: Since the afore-mentioned objective of a two-man Brew is to screw over the other person, the first of the two panels done generally has far less effort (either visual-wise or humor-wise) then the panel that the other artist will actually see. Oh yeah, this joker is Orpheus from Battle of Olympus, an NES game that seems to be nearly identical in design to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Many epic wars have been fought over which of the two titles is superior to the other. There is not currently a clear victor.

panel 12: Mario

Mario: "Yes, these bruises are from fighting. Yes, I'm comfortable with that. I am enlightened." And it's true, most any dispute can be settled with a Smash Bros. challenge.

panel 13: Paul

Paul: Video games references! Whee!

panel 14: Paul

Paul: The Apple iPod. This brew was made back in the day when the older school iPods were chillin'.

panel 15: Mario

Mario: The Pikachu. This brew was made back in the day when the older school Pikachu were chillin'. ^_^

Paul: Very cute, joke-face...

panel 16: Mario

Mario: It's like space without the stars, with the stars. An interesting factoid: in reality, stars would not be visible this close to the planet, on account of the far brighter Earth in the foreground. The more you know, I guess.

panel 17: Paul

Paul: Windows XP makes fun of you. That's why there's a guy sticking his tongue out ' XP '.

panel 18: Paul


panel 19: Mario

Mario: Anyone ever see Swordfish? No? Good. You won't get this panel, but you're still overall better off having never seen that movie. Drew assures me that the name is not "Password: Swordfish", even though it was on all the posters and trailers and such. Did they even say the word "Swordfish" in the movie?

panel 20: Mario

Mario: "This is Homestahww... Runnow. Oh Marzipan, ummm... I killed Pom-Pom! Yeah, we were playing badminton in his yard, and I got mad, and I killed him! Oh no! I need your help burying his body! Bring some towels, and some gawbage bags. This is Homestahww." Homestar Runner is the origin of the Witch's Brew naminghood. Like you didn't know.

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