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Welcome to Witch's Brew, home of the extremely bizarre award-winning experimental fusion comic. What is a "fusion comic" you say? Well, a group of cartoonists come together; one starts the comic. S/he passes the panel to the next person. That person then creates a panel to follow up the previous one, and so on. However, each cartoonist can only see the previous strip when drawing. It resembles a "circle-story", but nobody knows what is going on until the end. It makes for rather strange comics. Please enjoy your stay and try not too get too confused.

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Newest Brew: BREW 76 - More Mime Now Than Man
likes better things than you.

Mario - 1/19/2018

We up on Twitter now. No reason, just 'cause. Hashtag us up! @walterisonfire

Mario - 1/16/2018

Can you even remember us not having updated this site? Not I, said the Mario. Whistles, twiddles thumbs.

Expect things in the near future. And if you want to help Witch's Brew become A Thing again, maybe volunteer to make panels with us?

Mario - 6/22/2013

Another well-aged brew enters the scene! We call it More Mime Now Than Man. You'll find this statement 10,000% accurate.

Mario - 4/5/2013

Can you believe the latest Brew, Statue of Limb-itations, took almost seven years to complete?

> NO

You remain unable to believe it. But 75 Brews, that's pretty cool. That's something like.

Mario - 2/3/2013

Yet another classic brew makes itself known to us! It is this one, Stereoscopic Dockers, and of Brew Numbers it is 74.

Also, today is Brew Alumnus Geoff's Thirtieth Anniversary of His World-Entering Day! Wish him a happy Renewal in the fires of Carousel if you see him!

Mario - 1/19/2013

However many whoas Geoff did, add a bunch more for me. We have another brew hereabouts!

Sadly, in the extreme period of time between starting and completing this brew, some panels were lost along the way. But their sacrifice will not be in vain! The brew has been published with all available panels, and any missing panels will use the following Internet meme-jpg-inspired filler image:

So let's not get weird about it. Don't make this a "thing". Just accept the losses and enjoy the panels we have. Because they're pretty great you guys!

Geoff - 12/3/2012

Whoaer whoaer whater waiter whater?! An even newer brew appears?! IN HD?!?! Pardon the brief hiatus. It happens. Of course, brew also happens. Monitors are higher resolution, phones are higher res (to use the parlance of our time), brew adjusts. Brew adapts. Brew is another word for beer.

Enjoy a delicious new frosty cold brew.

Witch's Brew created by Paul Coe, Geoff Kottmeier, and Mario Panighetti. Witch's Brew, with the exception of all original characters and dialogue, is not copywritten.